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“Hosting a Student” is a co-housing model between independent elderly people and university students from outside Milan. MeglioMilano’s initiative is based on a very simple idea: find lodging for students in the homes of elderly people who have a spare room.
The young people do not pay rent as such, but contribute to the expenses of house-sharing by paying a monthly sum of about € 250-280, as well as performing practical tasks and providing company for the elderly person who, in addition to suffering less from loneliness, can enjoy the satisfaction of still feeling useful. MeglioMilano collects and processes the requests for participation and learns more about those young and not-so-young who wish to take part in the experience. It organizes meetings and offers assistance throughout the learning and house-sharing process. The indicators which are of greatest help when assigning the pairings are expectations from the experience, certain personality traits, tastes and general habits. MeglioMilano gets to know the elderly people who wish to offer lodgings through meeting them in their homes, and observing the young people in joint meetings. The organisation brings together people who get along well, favouring the pairings of people of the same gender. Depending on the offers received, attempts are made to ensure that the young people are as near as possible to their university or workplace, thereby reducing journey times and leaving as much free time as possible to spend studying or to rest.
During the months of house-sharing, MeglioMilano regularly organizes single or group get-togethers so as to assess the degree of satisfaction with the experience. The house-sharing is regulated by a hospitality agreement which lasts six months at least. There is the possibility to renew the house-sharing agreement for the desired period or to rescind the agreement in the case of mutual dissatisfaction.
As from 2011 Hosting a student has been made possible thanks to the support of
The experience of the Hosting a student project arose from an analysis of the Milanese situation, conducted by MeglioMilano, which showed the high number of residents aged over 65 (about 400,000), often alone, and the number of off-site and commuting university students (in 2010 about 80,000) who would live in Milan if only they could find a solution to the expensive rents on the free market.
Since 2004 over 650 house-sharing agreements have been established of which only eight were discontinued due to incompatibility.
The experimental project Hosting a nurse started in 2007 with the aim of helping the approximately 20,000 nurses who work in Milan to find quiet and economic accommodation, compatible with their working load. The nurse does not give assistance, but provides company and performs small tasks.
The project Hosting a nurse has been proceeding since 2008, and has been inserted in the 2010 ADI Design Index. It has also taken part in the selection of the assignment of the Compasso D’oro prize, dedicated to design and planning of innovative services.
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