Take Me Home


Prendi in casa TAKE ME HOME is a Collaborative Living project!

Its aim is to start solidarity cohabitation between:

a resident of Milan (retired, single adult, a couple or family) with a extra room at home

a young person (student or worker) looking for an accomodation in the city.

The aim of the cohabitation is to share company, accomodation and new experiences in the city.

Guests have not to pay rent but they have to pay 280 euros each month as a reimbursement of common expenses; cooperating with ordinary commitments; sharing experiences; maintaing their autonomy.

In this way guests can support their hosts with economic help and new motivations and, at the same time, guests can live in a familiar place with a low price.

The project is based on an easy idea: to join two generations for mutual help and a constructive exchange.


Prendi in casa uno studente is born in 2004 with the aim to start cohabitations in Milan between off-site students and self-sufficient elderly.

From 2018 Prendi in casa is part of Milano 2035 network  a project of Fondazione Cariplo with 30 public and private partners; the aim of this network is to make Milan more welcoming for young people with a collaborative living.

Prendi in casa has expanded to workers and hosts who live outside Milan Municipality.

In 2021 Prendi in casa changes: whoever has a extra room at homa can host a young person. Prendi in casa TAKE ME HOME is supported by Camera di Commercio Milano Monza Brianza Lodi too.


Prendi in casa is managed by MeglioMilano no profit Association, present in Milan since 1987

MeglioMilano follows all the steps of the project to start cohabitations and it is present for all the periods of the cohabitation.

The Association collects requests of guests and hosts.

The association organizes cognitive meetings to value expectations, interests, habits and personal characteristics. We meet host in their house to value also the state of the accommodation; we meet guests in office or with video call.

The association make matchings between guests and hosts starting from their compatibility and the proximity house/school or work.

The association organizes a first meeting between guest and host and after they have to tell to the association if they want to start the cohabitation: they decide.

If the cohabitation starts the association prepares all  necessary documentation:

  • the hospitality agreement (signed by both) with the period of the cohabitation (4/11 months) and the reimbursement of expenses. The agreement is renewable or revocable;
  • the cohabitation rules;
  • an adhesion letter to Milano 2035 project

The association is presented to give support and help guests and hosts during all the period of the cohabitation.

During the cohabitation the association organizes periodical meetings with the participants of the project to share experiences, difficulties or doubts.


Click on the button PARTICIPATE to enter in our registration plattoform.

Sing in with more information as you can about your needs, interests, habits.

When you are signed in you can access your profile and check news and information. You can fill the platform in every moment of the year but we need time to value all the profiles and to make matchings so we suggest you to contact us with a little advance (one-two months).

We value your request and we contact you for a meeting if we find a host compatible with your needs. After the meeting we will value the compatibility beetween two person and we will organize a meeting at the host’s house. After this meeting, you both will decide to start the cohabitation or to seach for alternatives.