Prendi in Casa uno Studente

Hosting a Student

“Hosting a Student” is a co-housing model between independent elderly people and university students from outside Milan. MeglioMilano’s initiative is based on a very simple idea: find lodging for students in the homes of elderly people who have a spare room.

Milano 2035

Milano 2035

Milano2035 Offre a studenti e giovani lavoratori tra i 18 e i 35 anni opportunità di alloggio a prezzi moderati e propone un nuovo modo di abitare, basato sulla condivisione e la solidarietà tra abitanti, vicini di casa e territorio in cui si è inseriti.


Walking Bus

The Walking Bus is a bus with children going to school all together: it works like a schoolbus with the beginning and end of the line, and intermediate stops which have scheduled times to meet. The only difference is that feet are the ones to move the bus.

Agenzia Uni


Is a project with the aim of finding regular and decent accommodation for university students living outside Milan.

Sistema Uni


A portal to guide Italian and non-Italian high school and university students in the wide choice of study Milan has to offer.

Benvenuti a Milano

Welcome to Milan

Welcome to Milan is a booklet published by MeglioMilano since 1993. In seventy pages it describes what’s on offer in terms of culture, services, pastimes and leisure activities.


Projects Archive

Every project made by MeglioMilano.