MeglioMilano throughout its years of activity has developed numerous projects linked to improving the quality of life in the city. Those interested in receiving further information about certain projects in the list may email us
Environmental communication campaigns (2002-2003)
“Campaign 20°” is an invitation to limit dwelling temperatures to 20°C. “Ozone Campaign” – advice on what to do in the summer months when the ozone level increases “Green Power Label Campaign” – information on safety regulations for independent heating systems “Heating and Environment Campaign” – manual for correct furnace and boiler maintenance in order to keep the air clean.
"Trasporto collettivo a chiamata" Demand Responsive Transport Services (2000-2002)
to determine the willingness of customers to use innovative public transport systems.
"Agenzia Radio Traffic" Radio Traffic Agency (1992-2002)
radio traffic information service, trialled in Milan and then launched in other regions.
"I costi dell’indisciplina del traffico a Milano" The costs of undisciplined traffic in Milan (2001)
evaluates the effects of unruly drivers on traffic conditions and air quality.
"Osservatorio soggettivo della Qualità della Vita a Milano" Monitoring Programme on the subjective Quality of Life in Milan (2000-2001)
survey among the Milanese to assess the perceived quality of life in Milan.
"Gli inquinanti dell’aria e la salute" Air pollutants and health (2000-2001)
to provide accurate information regarding air pollutants and their health consequences.
"Isole Ambientali" Reduced Traffic Zones (2000-2001)
to improve traffic conditions, parking, street furniture etc. in the city’s residential and commercial areas.
"L’innovazione dell’abitazione per l’età avanzata" Housing innovation for senior citizens (1998)
presentation of proposals to meet the residential needs of the elderly.
"Cortili Cortesi" Courteous Courtyards (1995 and 1997)
an information campaign for Milan’s citizens.
"Rifiuti vantaggiosi" Advantageous waste disposal (1996 onwards)
awareness campaign and source-segregated waste collection.
"Il silenzio è musica per le nostre orecchie" Silence is music to our ears (1996)
information campaign on noise pollution.
"Bus station" (1996)
dialogue with operators and public service authorities to rationalize bus parking in the Milan area.
"Milano città d’Europa: i progetti possibili, le risorse attivabili" Milan city of Europe: the possible projects, the mobilisable resources (1994)
an international conference presenting a series of coordinated proposals for city development, published in the volume “Milan city of Europe: possible projects, mobilisable resources”.